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CanAir Careers

CanAir Nitrogen is an exciting new company that recently commenced operations at its Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Plant near Clairmont, Alberta. This financially sound company is looking to supplement its team to facilitate growth in its operations. Nitrogen is found in the air we breathe and the plant will extract nitrogen from the air and liquefy it.


Liquid Nitrogen is used in the oil and gas industry for many purposes and is seeing an increase in utilization. Featuring similar equipment to a gas plant but without sour gas and other hazards associated with Natural Gas, this plant will feature Day Shift Operations, with remote monitoring systems. With its remote monitoring capability, prime location and financially sound position it stands to offer Quality of Life and a Competitive Compensation Package. 

Current Opportunities

Plant Operator

Posted: 11 Jan 2018

To learn further details regarding this current opportunity see the PDF download link below.


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