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Health, Safety & Environment

CanAir is committed to providing a safe, healthy workplace for its employees, contractors, customers and working in an environmentally sound way.


CanAir will meet all requirements for applicable laws, regulations, and codes of practice and industry standards for safety, health and environment.


Management is responsible for identifying safety, health and environmental needs, and ensuring resources are available in order to operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.


Supervisors are responsible to communicate hazards to workers, set an example by demonstrating and following the safety program, investigate incidents, provide training, supply personal protective equipment (PPE) and verify that equipment meets legal requirements.


Workers are to follow the CanAir Safety and Health Program, follow CanAir safety rules and recommended practices, use PPE as required and participate in safety training.


Further, all workers must recognize and accept their rights and obligations to question, stop, correct and report unsafe acts and conditions.

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